Xiotech Server Technology

Conceptual Storytelling, Illustration:

Xiotech is a server technology company which has created a new design that is able to process more data, faster, and will function without overheating when taxed with more than usual traffic.

The old way of doing things was to purchase more servers to handle more tasks, and repairs were costly, requiring specialists. (Note: the Creative Director on this project intended this animation to be an homage to the Hitchikers' Guide To The Galaxy movie, so my designs reflect the colorful whimsy of the interface portrayed in that movie.)

When old-technology servers are taxed, they overheat and parts break down. For representing the new technology of the Xiotech servers, I was tasked with designing a metaphor that was "alien and cool and beyond any known technology." I love a challenge. Here is a comparison between old overheating server dealing with too much data, versus the alien technology opening itself easily to more and more data processing.

Inside the two servers, we see what is happening. The distortion around the Xiotech server pod thing below is to simulate vibrations and chaos all around the device while it hums along as easy as breathing.

While the old server crashes, the Xiotech server asks for more.

Unfortunately, we never got to realize this project, as the client reassessed their budget for the year.


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