Baraclude Summit

Brand Strategy, Copy Writing, Storyboarding, Model Construction, Illustration, Sound Editing, Animation:

Baraclude is a drug that treats Hepatitis-B, which appears most often in Asians. When first introduced to this brand while working at Bristol-Myers Squibb, their internal strategy revolved around the tag phrase, 'Driving To Be Number One'. One of the joys of working for a department that can fund large campaigns is that, depending on the brand manager, internal-facing campaigns can explore subjects that would otherwise infringe on copyrights. In this particular case, the Asian market plus the tag line about driving made perfect sense to design an (internal-only) campaign around Speed Racer.

After three animations that pushed the limits of the Speed Racer theme, the next summit meeting to motivate the sales team needed to, pardon the pun, soar. After the storyboards were approved, a physical model of the spaceship was constructed and photographed to be used as reference.

This time, the sales team (two members of which made cameos in the animation) had to be motivated to ask their client-doctors to request their drug be the first one prescribed. For this big conference, which took place in Las Vegas, the motivational animation had to be big.

Baraclude had taken off. This animation was projected on a screen larger than my living room, and it was reported to receive much applause.

Click on any of the images to launch the flash animation. Turn your speakers up.



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